Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Learning at Work Reduces Stress Research Finds

All of us have faced issues at work. Pressure and excess work lead to stress. The stress, so caused, can lead to a host of problems for all of us. This can also lead to many personal issues.
A recent study conducted by researchers at the University of Michigan found that on-the-job learning leads to better results. This learning leads to less harmful reactions and helps in inculcating better behavior towards stress relief.

A professor of management and organization at the Ross School of Business has observed something about stressful workplaces. He says that during a consistently stressful workplace and working environment, the managers at the workplace are less likely to tolerate any crime or defiance from their employees. The managers under these circumstances are likely to take strict and strong actions against such employees.

Under this research, the term “workplace deviance” plays a massive role. The term “workplace deviance” refers to the behavior of the employee in a workplace. It refers to the negative behavior of the employee or employees. This could be by way of taking the property of the said company, talking about company’s confidential information, talking rudely, etc.

The research conducted by David Mayer, Chen Zhang and Eun Bit Hwang found that learning on the spot or during work hours reduced the stress caused during work. However, relaxation after work-hours did not affect stressor the behavior towards stress.

This study was conducted with the help of U.S employees in different work sectors to derive a proper and exact result. Two separate types of research were conducted. Both co-authors, Chen Zhang and Eun Bit Hwang, are doctorate students at the University of Michigan.

Zhang is of the opinion that it is better to build something positive such as learning during work hours to cope with the stress at work. He suggests that the negative emotions during stressful work hours can be reduced by building a positive attitude and positive behavior. Furthermore, he says that if other forms of relaxation are chosen, there is no change in the present stressful situation at work. So, when the employee returns from their relaxed environment, the stress waiting at work can make this worse and cause more frustration. Learning on the job ensures this positive attitude and reduces stress.

The research suggested that managers are less likely to accept mistakes and bad behavior during stressful times. Along with this, the managers prefer to tackle the situation by helping their employees learn new things and newer ways. Also, an employee during stressful times prefers to learn so that they may not fall prey to any form of misconduct during work. The research also found that relaxation only calms the mind but has no result on the stressful situation at work.


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